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January 4, 2019
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Fall is when we traditionally pack off our bright and colorful summer clothes and take out those solid, dark browns and khakis. This season changed it all. Reds were totally in on the runway. They featured prominently in skirts, boots and tops, paired with various pieces of the season. But there have been some other colors popping up unexpectedly in the fall.

Yellow, which is typically a summery color, has made its appearance this fall. Another unexpected color is fuschia pink. Let’s see what colors are in this fall so that you can go shopping!


“Hello Sunshine!” is the first thing that comes to mind whenever we see anything yellow. Now, the sun may or may not grace you with his presence in autumn, but you can include yellows in your wardrobe and stand out anyway! Any yellow, be it lemon yellow or turmeric, when paired with a neutral solid color, adds that pop to your outfit.


Rich and luscious, burgundy is a super warm color that you must include in your wardrobe this season. Burgundy is a very accepting color. It suits any color skin and just fits you like a second skin. Burgundy jackets made of leather or faux fur, knee high boots, trousers, knit tops and leather bags are some must-have items this fall.

3.Shocking Pink

Pink is the last color you’d expect to see during autumn, yet here it is. And none more so than shocking pink. Baby pink is passé now. Everyone wants to attract attention to themselves. What better way than to include a piece of pink clothing in your outfit? You could go all monochrome and add a pink belt or bag, or you could go all out and dress up totally in pink!


Oh! We can’t gush enough about red! The richness, the sensuousness, the appeal! Which other color can embrace you completely and make you look like a superstar even in your nightclothes? Red, of course! Red and black make a deadly combination, but you can wear a red dress, or simply red shoes to draw attention towards you. Bring on the reds, we say!


Olive green is an autumn color. But now different shades of green are looking up in autumn. Maybe to make up for the loss of greenery from trees during fall, but bright, leaf green clothes and accessories are so in this season. In fact, every shade of green is in, and we’re just loving it!


Almost all social networks sport blue, so blue is considered as a color of technology, of the future. It is apt that the new generation favors this color most. Though typically not seen during fall, blue flashes can be seen nowadays, thanks to this year’s Fall fashion trends.

So, which color do you think suits you? Do you think this new trend will continue? Do let us know!

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