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mens wear
January 23, 2019
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We’ve talked enough and more about women’s fashion and now we think it’s time to talk about mens wear
too. In the winter 2018 collection, one pattern that stood out amongst others is the armor design. It is basically a fashion based on protecting the wearer not only against the bitter cold, but also a rhetorical protection against the world. This “armor” makes the wearer more confident so that he can take up challenges easily. We saw lots of large shoulders, fire jackets, extra padding and layering. Sportswear is in too, as always, but with little twists and accents.

Fashion for men has evolved. Sharply tailored clothes, satin smooth fabrics, butter-soft leather and precise cuts have made men’s clothing touch a level of luxury never attained before. A hybrid, bold style of menswear has come up, absolutely modern and chic and very daring.

Let’s see what the Fall/Winter 2018-19 fashion has in store for men.


With a callback to the 90’s era, when logos were booming, the fashion was more of the street style variety, more bling was in and the generation followed MTV religiously to keep themselves updated on the best international luxury brands whose logos were the ultimate badges of honor, this collection brings back old memories. These brand names are still around, and they are bigger than before. Go big on loud prints this season. You won’t regret it. Enjoy the nostalgia too.

2.Fireman’s jacket

Lately, firemen have become quite the center of attention, and all for good reasons. A fireman’s jacket is all about manliness and machismo. These jackets have now started trending, making them a must-have item for this season. You can’t look more sexier than in a fireman’s jacket with reflective stripes. Just saying.

3.Extra large shoulders

Large shoulders have traditionally been associated with strength and fortitude. In the 80’s, there was this trend going around in Hollywood, when Armani took over menswear and started making shoulders wider. That was a time of pure excitement, with market upheavals and political games. A man had to face the day with his “armor” on, with zest and gusto. Come 2019, and the trend has made a relevant comeback. Wear your armor and go out into the uncertain world.


Lots and lots of layering was one of the highlights of the Fall/Winter 2018-10 fashion scene. Again viewed as an armor, these multiple layers provide much needed – or maybe extra – protection against the harsh winter. Who said global warming is here?


Whenever did checks go out of fashion? Never, we say!

Checks are still in, and going strong, from one season to the next. Go for the Scottish tartan checks or get plaids. Choose anything you want, and you can be still the most fashionable guy in your circle.


Though it’s the beanie season, caps are hot, with most fashion houses deciding to display the modest cap on the runway. In fact, the cap has clocked the maximum time on the runway this year. Italian designers Fendi and Gucci rang in the trend and we’re not complaining!


Pinstripes haven’t lost their elegance yet. And we aren’t saying this, designers are. While sportswear dominated the fashion scene as usual, pinstripe suits made their presence felt at various shows including Alexander McQueen and Versace.

8.Leather coats

Who doesn’t like a luxurious, butter-soft leather coat with intricate work. That’s what we saw this season on the runway – beautiful, soft leather coats which looked and felt so luxurious that it would be a crime not to wear it every second of the day!

So there you are. These are the best things to happen to a man in the latest fashion season. And our only advice is – GO GRAB THEM ALL!

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mens wear

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